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Exercising 2nd Amendment Right Brings Peace to the Commonwealth

According to recent reports from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the passage of a new gun law did not have the turbulent effect may claimed it would.  The new legislation, which allows citizens to carry guns into alcohol-serving businesses if they have a concealed carry permit, was opposed by many lawmakers on the grounds that the mixture of alcohol and firearms would inevitably result in an increase in violent incidents.  However, the latest metrics paint quite a different picture.  Rather than seeing a spike in violent, gun-related crimes in the Commonwealth, data shows that the number of major crimes involving firearms at bars and restaurants statewide has declined 5.2 percent since the bill was enacted.  Statistics show a similar trend in multiple other states where similar laws have been put in place.

While many lobbyists who opposed the bill from the beginning continue to criticize the idea of allowing guns into bars, the new legislation represents a major victory for those Virginians that support the Second Amendment right to bear arms.  As many such supporters have been quick to note, citizens that go through the process of obtaining a concealed weapon permit typically do not commit violent crimes.  As a result, allowing these individuals to carry their weapon into an establishment that serves alcohol does not constitute a substantial risk to the public.  At the very least, these newest laws are “value neutral” since crime rates have either gone down slightly or remained the same since their inception.


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