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Commuters Beware: D.C./MD “Anti-texting” Laws Could Snare VA Drivers

If you are a Virginia resident who regularly commutes to D.C. or Maryland, this post is for you.  According to a recent Washington Post report, the State of Maryland has raised the stakes when it comes to texting while driving.  In accordance new legislation, the act of reading or sending a text message while driving now constitutes a primary offense, thereby giving police officers the ability to pull over anyone caught texting at the wheel.

Though texting while driving is currently a  secondary offense in the Commonwealth, it is important for Virginia drivers to realize that other states do not take the same stance on the issue.  In fact, 31 states and D.C. now consider the act of texting behind the wheel a primary offense worthy of a traffic stop and a hefty fine.  Given this discrepancy, it is important for VA drivers to keep their phones in their pockets if they want to keep their cash in their wallets after crossing state lines.


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