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“In God We Trust”…Seriously, we promise.

As the Washington Post happily announced yesterday, members of Congress have finally managed to put partisan differences aside, show some much-desired unity, and actually pass a bill with relative ease.  Though House Democrats and Republicans remain divided on major economic issues, members of Congress have confidently reaffirmed that “In God We Trust”  is STILL the nation’s motto.

Speculated to have been written in response to President Obama’s botching of the national motto last year, the passage of this most recent bill marks the 3rd time the national motto has been declared by Congress in the nation’s history and the second time it has been “reaffirmed” in ten years.  And to think, this particular re-reaffirmation only took 25-35 minutes of passionate political debate to hash out.  Perhaps now that this pressing issue of patriotic slogan-making has been cleared up our elected officials can get back to work solving, or at least arguing over, issues of real importance that are relevant to real Americans.


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