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Virginia DUI Law: The Effect of a DUI On Insurance and License

Q: What does a conviction for DUI do to my insurance and license? 

A:  One of the most frequent requests I receive from Traffic/DUI clients is to negotiate for fewer points on their driving record if they are found guilty.  In fact, fearing skyrocketing insurance payments, many clients offer to plea to a lesser offense in exchange for reduced points.   Unfortunately, points on a driving records are not assessed by the Court, so neither of these options are possible.  Points are assessed by the DMV, and depending or one’s driving record, a conviction for DUI could result in an administrative suspension of one’s license by the DMV. At a minimum, a person convicted of DUI will be assessed (-6) points on their driving record by the DMV. Such a conviction will remain on the driving record and can be considered when determining insurance rates for a period of 11 years after conviction. A 2004 study concluded that a DUI conviction costs up to $20,000 over the life of a convicted defendant in the form of increased insurance premiums and other fees.

When faced with the possibility of such a substantial financial burden, many people find the idea of hiring an attorney who will aggressively defend their rights much more appealing.  Should you ever find yourself in need of such services, please feel free to contact Westlake Legal Group to schedule a consultation.


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