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10 Rules for Dealing with the Police

As a criminal defense attorney, I routinely encounter people who could have avoided legal trouble if they had simply known how to exercise their rights when talking to the police.  Every time I see this,  I lament the fact that so few Americans have a real, working knowledge of their rights.  It seems to me that whether the topic is traffic stops or full-scale police searches, most people have little or  no knowledge of their rights and how to exercise them in daily life.

In an effort to help people become more informed about their rights, I’d like to share the following video, “10 Rules for Dealing with the Police.”  I originally came across this video series while perusing the internet, but,after watching it, I am convinced that it is a phenomenal resource for all citizens.  Personally,  I think all Virginians (and Americans, for that matter) should watch this video and take the time to properly  educate themselves about their rights and how to use them.

The video, provided by, can be viewed in its entirety by following this link to the FlexYourRights YouTube channel.


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