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How to File a Complaint with the Sheriff’s Office

The purpose of this post is to inform Loudoun County residents  of their ability to file a civilian complaint against any deputy or employee of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, should they find reason to do so.  As a disclaimer, I have no intention of being malicious or confrontational towards the Sheriff’s department, nor do I mean to suggest that they have done anything as of late to warrant a complaint.  I was simply motivated by watching the following YouTube video, in which a number of citizens are threatened, harassed, and even arrested solely because they asked how to file a complaint with their local police department.

Fortunately,  Loudoun County residents should never have to worry about being subjected to such extreme treatment for filing a complaint, as the  Sheriff’s Office provides an online form that allows complaints to be sent in at any time.  For a link to that site, click here.

If you are a resident of any other county in Virginia, or if you would like assistance in filling out a complaint, please feel free to leave a message at the bottom of this post and we will do our best to provide you with further information.


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